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Reviews for "Awkward Nature"

Hey Mikey, I think I like it.

Very well done. Animation was pretty good and the sound quality was supurb. I felt like it was missing somthing length wise. The plot seemed more like an ice breaker to a longer episode. Other than being disapointed just because it ended too soon, I give it a wopping 7. If you read my review history, you'll know I don't give many animations more than a 5. Most get a 2 because when I review, I review realisticly. No LMFAO hahaha lol hehe Overall 10 bull shit.

Congratulations on a well done animation.

Smooth Animation and GREAT SOUND!

This animation was very Smooth! Great FUNNY simple story that cracked me up! And the sound FXs and Music were Perfect! Keep it UP~! Now we all are just going to expect more!

That was rather enjoyable.

I loved it . It was just too funny for words really. Should deffinetly make more of these! I mean heck, that was a classic. I've never laughed so hard. I liked your art too, the work on it, I think, was quite a good job.


This would make a good series. Me like alot :)


IS that a series I smell coming on? ;)