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Reviews for "Awkward Nature"


Not a long enough storyline. Animation was better than most. The way they ended the conflict seemed dumb to me ( the raccoon id like 10 times the size of the stupid squirrel ).


Wow, some generous 10-givers? It was alright I guess but I found it kind of cheesy and boring. The only thing that made me half-giggle was when the squirrel got creamed by the rock in the first place. Animation and voice-acting needed work too. But since the story was pretty decent I decided to give you a 6, good effort though for sure, still probably much better than I can do :P, I'm just looking at this through the eyes of a critic, I hope you understand.


i wonder what i could have been like if we was half animal oh and funny animation its funny at the end how does the squiral throw the rock


coulda been more funny... but funny


i really liked the animation