Reviews for "[Fets] Run The Spot"


really sweet song here man, i'll have the beat stuck in my head for some time. i like the hip-hop/technoish mix, it works great, and the drums and synth fit together great. keep up the sweet music man.

Nofets responds:

Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it.

Indeed it seems you DO have a Kickass Hobby!

Great Song, Man! I wonder how much some good Lyrics would add to the song? Have you considered it? Anyway, there's really nothing that I can see that needs improving as far as Music-wise, other than maybe adding a well defined break-down section in the middle of the song, for a possible Rap Break, too... Overall, Excellent!

Nofets responds:

I always consider lyrics, but thats not my thing. If you know anybody, tell them to holla at me! Thanks for tuning in!


Dope shit. The choruses got me. That synth is off the hook.

Nofets responds:

I put some work into this one. Most of my synths I tweak myself. Sometimes it comes out good, sometimes its back to the drawing board.....

kick ass

real curzy

Nofets responds:

Word, word. Thanks for voting!

5/5 10/10

ey man this is a hit. for real. take a listen to our songs. n lemme kno if your cool if we get on this. im really feelin it. i have an idea for it. let us kno bro. Aight then be easy! PEace!


Nofets responds:

No doubt. Get at me and we can talk.