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Reviews for "Sonia's Escape"


What part of this is scary? This is style, like Picasso artwork. Viewing this was really an odd experience, seeing a whole new different world helps you to detach from your current.
You're on ride, smoking high and cracked deep. Enjoy it, but I guess if you don't like this style, it's your opinion.

Amazing animation!

What an intriguing imagination!.
I thought this was brilliance.
I can't believe people are saying that the animation wasn't good..
that's utter nonsense! I can only imagine that they just really have no idea what good animation really is.
The animation was incredibly creative.
And Character design? My god...
A true work of art in a sea of cheese.
well done.

Was different...

and i like different :)

Bad Animation

This had bad animation along with a 0% scariness.. and i would've atleast given you a 2 if there was better animation... but you didnt... you need to work on your animation and if you were TRYING to be scary , it failed!! work on your movies , mate!


This movie is really scary, man! I mark you 8 because I inderstand that you was trying to achive scary result, otherwise I'd mark you 1 because of bad graphics. The plot is great, music is also great. Chasemann, Somari12, welcome to Russia!
Molodci, tak derzhat' ! 8/10 i 4/5 ballov ! Udachi!