Reviews for "Captain Awesome"


That was awesome, hope you can keep the plots original, that series is gona b awesome


That was quite good, it actually made me laugh out loud. Oh those incompitent register boys who don't know how to work anything...this flash was...dare i say...awesome!


after the guy at the register died, his eyes kept on moving. creepy.

ok since u didn't reply to my last review

....the answer was Avril Lavigne

by the way love the America song on here, I love Team America

*o_O* (mwahahaha)

I was blasting tv sex pals 5 on my laptop because my laptop speakers suck, and my dad came in and asked me to turn it down at 1am. And then I put on headphones and I was smiling (a rare thing for me to do) he said "goodnight and keep smiling!" And I thought "If only he knew what I was smiling at". So Im going through all your cartoons. One by one, out of sheer boredom. Good Job. (bO,o)b