Reviews for "Captain Awesome"


VERY crappy superhero, but i loved the music and the scene in the grocery store was pretty funny. he should've just walked out with the milk while the clerk was screwing around with the bar-code scanner.

Just a quick short I made about some crappy....

Just a quick (4.046.4kb) short I made about some crappy super hero who wants some milk.
man u can compress this file a lot ...and whats the name of the song u used...??

Whats all the hype about?

This wasnt that great a flash...

The graphics were ok...
The sound wasnt that great for such a huge file size...
And well your style of animating could use a little tune up..

You have an amazing idea but in my opinion you dont use your animating skills to the fullest. First off, the sound wasnt that great. You could have made a scene between his house and the store. The guy behind the counter, when he was using the thing to check the price, you could have made his finger move with it... The lazers went a little to fast... Over all you have this brilliant idea, now put a little more effort into the details, and make a longer flash...



Hahahah nice animated but dude, i've seen better from you! that sucked, but cool style.

OK movie I guess...

... but I wish that EVERY OTHER SUBMISSION would stop using the 'Team America' music. I've seen 4 of 'em in the last 24 hours, and it's time to stop now, thank you very much.