Reviews for "Captain Awesome"

Funny man

I liked it, but if you didn't censor the song, why censor the dialog? Yeah it could've been longer but in the end it turned out pretty damn funny.

short... but nice!

that was pretty damn good. with better quality of vocals and longer plot, this could become a really good series.

needs moer axxn

It was sort of funny, mostly just because of the song. But the action was lacking, you need some more of it in future installments.


Simple but pretty funny I guess. Try putting more time into flashes though... Also, for the guy that asked, the name of the song is "America, Fuck Yeah" by those guys Trey Park and Matt Stone who made that movie Team America world police.


gave me a chuckle but need some legnth it looks like u made it in 30 seconds wtf?