Reviews for "Captain Awesome"

Kinda funny

But you have to optimize your fucking sound or something. 4000kb for that?

Anyway kinda funny, I liked capt awesomes reaction after he killed the fella

heheh not bad

i liked it man, im guessing you might have seen burnt face man by Dave Firth?
even though music is gettin a bit overused it worked well with this flash... had an impact.
keep it up

Good - NOT crap.

What really amused me is that you bleeped out the swearing in the flash and left swearing in the song

- why is that?

Anyway I liked the flash - It's pretty good for a shortie.

I liked it, but...

Why was it that the theme wasn't bleeped, but his voice was? It would have been funnier if the theme was bleeped too... then again, maybe that's what made it funnier. There was no real animation. Which irked me, cause this was pretty funny. But no one moved, it was just him standing there, and the other guy standing there. The only things that moved was the laser and his eyes. Weird.

But it was funny and so you get some brownie points for that.