Reviews for "Adobe ImageReady tutorial"


Best tutorial on Newgrounds. That's all you need to know.

Thank you so much!

I never knew how to use this program although it came in the CS3. U have been so kind as to do this tutorial! Will u do another one? Will u?


This was realy helpful thanks now I can make all kinds of crap

RLYRLYRLY helpful!

I couldnt do crap ealier but now my animations look NORMAL! and to celebrate me gettin the 7th harry potter book i even made some wierd and crappy magic spell, thing, i think nice work

Where was this?

Where was this when I was trying to figure out that stupid program? I eventually figured it out on my own, the hardest parts being learning that you had to use the eye button on the frames and that you had to save OPTIMIZED instead of normally, but this would have been greatly useful back then. It's simple and teaches the basics clearly, good job.