Reviews for "Shooting Zone 3 Trailer"


not bad basicaly a spoof of Team America and i gota say DrakenLord is a little baby i mean comon he probably hasnt see Team American i am guessing and shit ppl on here arent all adults shit i am 12 lol! nice little german pic

I am offended

1. That is not something to joke about. Not like I give a !@#$%^&* about Bush, but don't joke about America getting Nuked.

2.Why would you put a link like that in a flash movie?!? I didn't see it and my mouse brushed it... it was most discraceful. not all people on newgrounds are adults you @$$ hole!

Awsome flash!

One thing tho, FF's suck balls. You're discracing us Russians, instead go pick up a game called MGS3 on March 24th in Europe. FF's story=fairy tale crap compared to MGS3.

dude, use ur brian

first of all an ICBM wouldn't just appear out of a building like that, second north korea's (dont no how to spell that) missiles dont have that range, 3rd if a missle did come that close washington would be evaquated and all of the us's missile defence systems would go up and it is unlikly a missile would survive that, 4th there wouldn't be a north korea, there would either be a large radioactive zone or there would be a country that was covered in nato, un, american, british, and a lot of other countrys troops. basically it would be like ww3 for a short perid of time... but the movie was ok so i gave it an ok rating....................


You're trying to put out a serious flash... but using slightly cartoon-ish character style... good mix lol.

Overall it was good and for the people out there cowering in fear out there about N Korea having Nukes, yea so do plenty of other countries. China, India, Russia, Pakistan etc etc. It really isn't all that bad, but once they're in range of the US Capital, THEN it's bad. Right now, N. Korea could reach about Hawaii and it'd take a LONG time for them to figure out a way for a nuke to travel over the entire Pacific.

Oh yea... and we have missile-defense systems =].

Lol overall good job I give a 3/5.