Reviews for "Dr. Mario Chill"

The Awsome!!

who ever dosent like this song is a giant douche it is a very good rendition of of the Dr.Mario Chill song and much appreciation to the artist... and cant wait to here more !!! Thx Zeek -poke-

Zeke30695 responds:

Ha ha thanks xP



You made a chill remix. That's good like 7 stars alone. There's only like 3 on the site worth listening to, including this one. Fever has about a dozen remixes done by dozens of people. I think this is the only one with piano for the main melody, and I wondered what chill would sound like on piano. The beat is awesome too. Can't think of anything to criticize here. It even loops as well as the original. I've always liked video game remixes of video game loops that actually loop like the original. So many on Newgrounds just fade out at the end. So good job, you win.


awsome chilly nice!


I just saw this used on a youtube video and I hate to come rate it. It's just sweet. Brings back lots of memories too!

dont hear many chill remixes

usally fever remixes...bout tiem to see some newness