Reviews for "Hell's Gate."

Looks flippin awesome :D

so the eye they found on the ebach is from that thing?

This is great, man. The color and overall bizarreness of this picture are top-notch. I've always been interested in the whole "eldritch horror under the sea" theme, and these picture, with the bottom two minipics, are right up my alley.

OMG! Dude! ...YOU...ARE...AMAZING... When I have seen Your Paintings, I Wanted to Log out of this site and never return...... not becouse of you, but I think I am nothing against you and other brillants........
I wont leave, becouse if i do, i would never see this wonders again....... LOL!!
What a stupid comment..................

Beautiful. Not only is the painting job that you did detailed and delicate, but you totally threw me off about the nature of this creature. At first I'm thinking it's this sweet, innocent sea slug-looking thing. Then you put it in a cold greyscale next to a ship for size comparison. And finally, there's this eerie image of it peaking above a foggy ocean. I've always been both fascinated and terrified by the thought of mythical sea creatures and this does just that.