Reviews for "Viviparous Dumpling"

Nice game but i wonder why edmund mcmillen is fascinated with fetuses and babies

RiftMaster responds:

We'll never know!


Well notbad, its cool though, sorta different from the normal ng stuff, loved the menu with the different stuff to do, would love to see some color though but it was cool, nice work on this game and it was rather fun some nice element of suprise with this game

Some added color would be nice


I wish that this was done with the arrow keys. I bought a cheap laptop and the clicker doesn't work anymore. I just can't play this game. I tried it on another part, but it still doesn't work. I still appreciate how it looks. It seems nice.

I can try something else. I just hope it works out better for other people. I do like your style. That's kind of weird. Well, I read the instructions at least.

i beat teh game with stragedy
good game cool fun facts
& i think dumplings (frum teh badlands) is cute :)

its cheating no matter where i go the toxoplasm always gets me!