Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

Ho, ho. That was awesome.

Dude, you are my god. That was amazing. Awesome in every way possible. You have earned yourself a lifelong fan. Even the music ruled, props for the one winged angel definately.


this is truly excellent. I hope you make a lot more flash movies.

spacejelly responds:

i shall, my son.

On duty, sir!

Ok Im done now give me my god fuck damn purse back.

spacejelly responds:

I didnt take your purse...

Your creativity is amazing.

I enjoy all of your movies, but this one and penndragon especially. You think outside the box and this movie is hilarious and yet still at the end you make sure to promote tolerance between the faiths. I also recommend you send the Penndragon flash to Frou Frou just to see if they like it. Anyway, have a good day and keep animating as well as you do.

Purely Amazing

It is hilarious. I mean at first I thought the title screen was like a Dragon and something. Then the Menorah came down and started killing when they thought it was good. Wow, I can see why you submitted it. You did it 4 t3h lulz!