Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

Seems kinda... shady...

It troubles me to see Religious and political figures become the main bad guy in flashes.

Although I wasn't particularly for the content, the DELIVERY OF the content was notable.

Keep up the good work, but watch what you base your flashes on. I'm not exactly sure what message you're trying to get across whether it be some form of anti-semitism or not but be careful what your storyline is about; no matter what one of your Jewish freind thinks [who lol I guess COULD be related to the dude that got the 10 Commandments 8) ] lol.

Good work, I gave a 2/5 but would give higher or remain the same if you cleared up a few questions I had asked you.

spacejelly responds:

sorry man. I just thinks its cool, but hes not the bad guy, really. i mean, making it i didn't know who would win. in the end, i decided to have the tree win because the menorah just kicks too much ass. heh, i didnt mean it to make any religious statements. and dont worry, the menorah lives on.
"in the hearts and minds of us all?"
"NO! IN SPACE, GATHERING POWER! Raise the Shields children!"


Everyone knows after a giant monster defeats another giant monster the winner proceeds to destroy everything else in the area. It's like a victory lap.

Are you trying to say that Hanukkah is evil?

Why did you make Hanukkah the bad guy, I mean, cmon

Religious against commercial?

Basically, your saying the commercial side of the winter holidays (the Christmas tree) is better than the religious side?

That is what I see from this flash.

Put more thought into what you are saying please

A candeleer and a fucking christmas tree??? WTF???

sjeeeesh Keep it up..(NOOOOOOOOOT)
Pretty damn boring man...

spacejelly responds:

its a menorah, not a cAnDeLeEr. And theres no "j" in sheesh