Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

That was...odd

Just a wee bit influenced by Eva too, eh?
Not bad.
That certainly was odd though.

pretty cool

pretty rockin with lots of energy - three small things though - I think the menorah-eye-tracking part should have been in Hebrew and was with up the crazy maps around the world (they're fighting in New York(?) now Africa, etc.), change the stick figure guys to actual people. Not bad, keep up the good work.

spacejelly responds:

why am i responing so much?
-for the eye tracking, i just copied a dbz scouter, and didnt put much thought into it.
-sorry about the map, i couldent find a planet view of philadelphia(!) at that angle.
-the stick figures suck because I was angry at my teacher.

((( HAHA )))

That was funny as hell, made me chuckle, i love the part when the thingie is coming down haha, and good different view shots to make it like a real movie haha, anyways nice work, keep it up...


It was funny.....

.....so i laughed.....pretty good job

spacejelly responds:

huh?? its a...flash movie?? on the...internet???? supposed to...entertain or something??? YES

conFUsed666 << (obviously in league with the antichrist)

not bad

pretti cool but i kinda got bored coz of my short attension spannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......WOW LOOK A FLY!