Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

good for a first movie

nice job, loved the fight scene, but what does the ff7 song have to do with this? anyway, it was good

spacejelly responds:

i could not find any fitting battle music for that scene, and then i remebered how cool that underapreciated sephiroth theme was. then later when advent children came out it was like, the main theme! it ruined my life

hey jew! ya, jew over there...

jews are fun! 8)
and yummy too... 89 mmmmm.....

(i just spent the last hour making up emoticons on company time)

by the way, I am in no way prejuduce against jews. in fact, my stepmother was jewish.

That was...odd

Just a wee bit influenced by Eva too, eh?
Not bad.
That certainly was odd though.


Time to lay off the drugs. And make a sequel to Penndragon already!

Haha good for a life if anything

Christmas vs. Hanukah aka.
God vs. the people who killed his son =
The big guys been waiting for this fight for awhile now ~ Gaara of the Funk ~

PS No offense, some of my best friends are Jews