Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

gains pace.

As another reviewer said , I did have low expectations at the beggining but that soon changed. It quickly gained pace and I liked the animations used in the fight scene ,plus the music.Overall it was random but in a good way.


Damn, man. That was the most entertainment I've had all day (besides There She Is!) and it was funny and unique.

I definitely wouldn't see any blasphemy in that anyways, since I've seen more defacings of the Cross than a Menorah and Catholics/Christians aren't rising up against that.

That was amazing. Keep it up, and I'm adding this to my faves. :]

spacejelly responds:

DEFACING!? aw crap, im going straight to hell

Good, Good

I like the use of the Mr. Bean song. good stuff!

This looks a lot better than my first flash movie

you have a thing for monsters...^^
Since you know DUNE why not make a flash about that also ^^ Just a suggestion though... Iv'e been trying to make one myself but I always find an excuse not to continue it... =)


Time to lay off the drugs. And make a sequel to Penndragon already!