Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"


Amazing flash, great concept, nice sound effects, and this was your first one?!

The only reason I'm taking a -1 off of the review was because the Mecha-Menorah should have won. You still got a 5/5.


Interesting flash you got here, i enjoyed it, what got me confuse was why were they fighting, it began to make sence after that giant thing came out of the sky, it was pretty funny, what was even funnier was that it looked like it came down from the heavens to balance out the war and yet it makes a even bigger war...lol, anyways awsome flash, im giving you a nice 5 and a 10, keep up the good work :)

spacejelly responds:

they were fighting because...uh, the violent nature...in...man...caused the, i dont know.

It is nice

It could be a lot better if the the "HANUKIA" (the jewish robot) won. It isn't logical' the jewish was about to win' he even shot at the tree a beam or something.
Well never mind

Go Israel


That was awsome, just what I expected from the maker of Penndragon! Great work.

A pretty massive battle... until Christmas spirit comes into the picture and everything is...happy? XD Nice twist.

Not sure the real-world footage fits in with all scenes - sometimes the contrasts just seem too big, but overall it's an interesting hybrid, and the fighting really comes across in its full intensity! All's well that ends well, too. Definitely one of the more unique Christmas animations I've seen so far! Nice one.