Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

lol. that was great

the action was awsome and pretty funny as well, the music was great but im not quite sure what song it is from (i think final fantasy 8...)? ah well good job that was awsome and you should make a series on this if you havent yet

Your style is great!!

Heh... i loved this... with this and Bloodsucker.. i will add u to my favourite author list :) keep it up!!!


this was funny it brings back good old memories when i used to watch godzilla

Random, funny, action packed. . .

yup this is good. Very considerate! Im Jewish, and this is wonderfull. Looks like it could happen in the future. . . Christmas / Hanukka CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For been your first flash, it was reak good xP!
Nicely done, and really wierd idea, wierd but fun :D!