Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

not to baf

dude that kicked ass...

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gains pace.

As another reviewer said , I did have low expectations at the beggining but that soon changed. It quickly gained pace and I liked the animations used in the fight scene ,plus the music.Overall it was random but in a good way.

Dude, this was just AMAZING

At the beginning, when there was the badly drawn sticks and the candles (or however it is called) I thuought it sucked a little, but man ... it became so crazy, it REALLY ROCKED! I'm still shaking!

spacejelly responds:

the whole thing sucks drawing wise, if your shaking its not on account of that movie, GET YOUR ASS TO THE HOSPITAL!!


*adds to favourites*... this is utterly amazing! when i voted (5) on it, it only had a score of 3, so hopefully it will go up from there, because this deserves a portal award, and perhaps a weekly placing! well done on this man, it was simply spectacular. the battle at the start wasn't the best, and some people may have voted low on it straight away when they saw that. but from then on in it was just amazing.
the graphics were extremely well done, with awesomely drawn characters, tons of colour and just lots of drawings everywhere.
the animation was even better. there was also a ton of it, and all of the movements in this toon were very fluent, smooth, and most importantly, they looked absolutely sick!
and then to top it all off, you had some really good battle/fighting music in the background, along with some very fitting sound effects for the two characters and their 'moves'. well done man, this was excellent.

spacejelly responds:

thanks man. I accually named all the moves too! and made little exploding sounds when i drew them.