Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"


this is truly excellent. I hope you make a lot more flash movies.

spacejelly responds:

i shall, my son.

pretty cool

pretty rockin with lots of energy - three small things though - I think the menorah-eye-tracking part should have been in Hebrew and was with up the crazy maps around the world (they're fighting in New York(?) now Africa, etc.), change the stick figure guys to actual people. Not bad, keep up the good work.

spacejelly responds:

why am i responing so much?
-for the eye tracking, i just copied a dbz scouter, and didnt put much thought into it.
-sorry about the map, i couldent find a planet view of philadelphia(!) at that angle.
-the stick figures suck because I was angry at my teacher.


Damn, man. That was the most entertainment I've had all day (besides There She Is!) and it was funny and unique.

I definitely wouldn't see any blasphemy in that anyways, since I've seen more defacings of the Cross than a Menorah and Catholics/Christians aren't rising up against that.

That was amazing. Keep it up, and I'm adding this to my faves. :]

spacejelly responds:

DEFACING!? aw crap, im going straight to hell

Ho, ho. That was awesome.

Dude, you are my god. That was amazing. Awesome in every way possible. You have earned yourself a lifelong fan. Even the music ruled, props for the one winged angel definately.

Evangelion much?

I kid, I kid. ...though that Xmas tree looks a bit angel-ish, and the whole "OMG HALF THE MENORAH'S FACE GOT BLOWN OFF AS HE WAS BLASTED ACROSS THE CITY AND THEN HE FREAKED OUT" seems a bit familiar....

Meh. I've just got a photographic memory for kickass battle scenes.

Anyway, excellent style and execution. I love the transition from "crappy stick flash with MS Paint edited menorah" to "this kicks my ass sideways." Well played.

I look forward to future work...keep up the originality and singular style.

spacejelly responds:

Its total evangelion! lol i thought more people would notice! its more of an homage than a rip off, well thats what i tell myself at night.