Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

Mecha-King Menorah

That was sweet. The was funny and it rocked. Lol, the christmas tree sliced the menorah in half at the the end and you played the theme to Armageddon, and the thing at the end is hilarious.

spacejelly responds:

yes the armageddon theme - thank you Mims

This is good!

This sh*t is funny and has awesome Mecha battles. Can't beat that!

It was funny.....

.....so i laughed.....pretty good job

spacejelly responds:

huh?? its a...flash movie?? on the...internet???? supposed to...entertain or something??? YES

conFUsed666 << (obviously in league with the antichrist)


To last reviewer: You're a fuckin idiot. This is a good flash. I dont even wanna start. So alll im gonna say is that, YOU'RE STUPID .

Anywayz, wow that was cool. I especially liked the part where the Xmas tree blasted the Hanukah(sp) thingy (no offense to Jews, I just dont kno the what it is called) GREAT JOG GUYS. I LOVED IT.

spacejelly responds:

alucard releases control art restriction
hold release until target is eternally silenced

A candeleer and a fucking christmas tree??? WTF???

sjeeeesh Keep it up..(NOOOOOOOOOT)
Pretty damn boring man...

spacejelly responds:

its a menorah, not a cAnDeLeEr. And theres no "j" in sheesh