Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"

Good, Good

I like the use of the Mr. Bean song. good stuff!

Haha go Christmas!!

i think the resone the moon is bigger than earth is because the moon is closer to the camera and the earth is further away from camera. its like when you take a picture of a sunset. the sun is bigger than the trees but the trees are closer which from where you are looking from make the trees look bigger than the sun. o and CHRISTMAS KICKS HANICAS ASS!!!!!

more questions

"why was the moon bigger than the earth"
why did a tree bleed red human blood if its a tree and/or a robot??
why did holiday icons turn into giant angry robots anyway??
what is up with the Christmas tree's creepy white face?
where did those lasers come from?

Answer: it's a cartoon and it doesn't matter!!

ps- seriuosly, the menorah should have won!!

spacejelly responds:


Really good, and funny. Go christmas!

The candle thing got owned.. Nice work on animation. Why was the moon bigger then earth?

Very funny.

You can't help but laugh at this. Another great Idea.