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Reviews for "KIRBY cailloups"

Thank you !

Excellent job.
5/5 of course!

Stalagmite responds:

thank you kind sir/miss lol. it is all your ideas. i am just a medium through which you channel them. live piano, pitch bend flute and light backing strings. took me about 15 minutes to make all of it. I enjoy your ideas. i will certainly adapt them and play my interpretation! thanks to YOU!

nice work

Good job and thanks for shairing your good work with us

Stalagmite responds:

you are welcome ! lol. and now i have gone bright red LOL.
i really appreciate your 10! lol. thanks so much. although remember this is not entirely my idea. it is based and adapted from anothers. You should check out where i got the ideas from.
Thanks again! most appreciated.
P.s. yes i have rubbish works aswell LOL.


Youre a great musician, too bad this song is not longer, i dont know if youve ever experience it but i think you could make great Ambient music with piano.

Stalagmite responds:

i have submitted some already. "everybody dreams" but you sir! lol. i hear you play guitar with some style! LOL. classical musician. you are brilliant! worst part is most guitarists play keyboard too! and if you play piano as well as you play guitar, i bow down to you! LOL

If classical ambience piano tracks are what you like. i can submit you some more. :D:D:D
thanks for the awesome review and score dude!


This is such great piece so relaxing, but however it would be nice if it was longer. Asome, i love the part in the beginning with the whistle.

Stalagmite responds:

haha... it is a piccolo with a light tint of sparkly bells lol. i love that sound too! it was only a demo piece. i will cetainly be working on more stuff. but this piece is unfortunately not even myne. the main credits go to Cailloup. but thanks for your support and multiple reviews! really enjoy reading them! and worthy of a ten! wow! thanks man!


The arpeggiated chords you use are so nice and delicate and fit perfectly with the strings in the background. I must ask- how did you sync up the piano with the fake sounds in the background? It doesn't sound like you used a metronome, there's some rubato here and there. Wonderful performance and composition!

Stalagmite responds:

trial and error matey. i constantly record until it sounds in time... and as it is live it doesnt take time to get right. also, i am sure if you popped a metronome over the top this song would almost instantly go out of beat anyway... i play at the pace that feels right in the moment. and i guess i remembered it with all of the other layers too. I worked had on it. thanks for the awesome ten! :D:D:D you rock Basbalfan55