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Reviews for "X-Men:Dark Phoenix Rising"


nice job do sam more .
yeah i love X men


it really gets you thinking HOW they come back to life, i really like how they kill jean
"im sleepinging with you husband."
"you bitch!"

i cant believe there's another one ....

i laughed so much harder this time than with the first one.
you seriously have to keep doing these, as they bring joy and meaning into my life. haha.
honestly though, great job.
im clearly not the only one who enjoyed it, and not the only one who's looking forward to another.

nice boobs on psylocke, by the way!! hahaha.

Instant classic. . .again

Keep it up, mate I LOVE this style, eh? Very funny and cleverly written there, eh? Nicely done!

This is great

This has got to be one of the funniest paradies I have ever seen.
This show the one flaw in X-men, They all die and come back better then ever, and that Wolverene is always in three places at once.
I hope to see more from this author besides "Death Becomes Them" that deal with X men