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Reviews for "X-Men:Dark Phoenix Rising"

keep it up!

Wow, really one of the best and funnyest X-men parodies ever... I hope you'll continue this series, u're great man


"OK, I'll handle this... Hey, I'm sleeping with your husband... you BITCH!...slap-slap..." Now THAT, my friend, was funny... keep'em coming, and I know that you'll get better everytime,,,


OMG dude, you have my exact sense of humour LMAO! that was hysterical.... think ill watch it again jsut for the bitch slapping scene

It's gotta be the accent

I keep watching your X-men cartoons over and over and I think it's just to hear Wolverine's crazy accent. I don't know a thing about X-men and I still loved this.


I loved both this film and the previoux X-men flash. Both are absolutely hilarious! And Beast is so cute!