Reviews for "samurai cop"

Samurais make the best cops.

And the best everything.

good job jeff this drawing makes me want to hold on to life for a bout one eighth of another miliseconds hahahHAHAH GREAT JOB

0.0 i hate emoticons but
my mind..... just got a blowjo-er blown away by a prostitu-ok nevermind my head exploded from the awesurbity(awesome absurdity) of the picture one thing i find odd is the gun i mean i can tell its a gun but it looks more like he melted his hand and jammed a tazer their wait looking at it again it look his index and middle finger come to gether to form a gun/tazer
but besides that its a really nice picture

Finally, someone else that knows about this movie. Thank you Mr. Utah and bravo!

i probably sound like i've been living under a rock, but. What the hell is samurai cop? please explain

JohnnyUtah responds:

a classic