Reviews for "samurai cop"

For those who don't seem to realize...
This is a real character from a movie that is
a) incredibly obscure, and
b) so, so hilarious.

Make a version with a darker background so I can use it as my wallpaper without causing eyestrain, and I'd worship you. :D

Best... movie... EVER!
Even though it might cause brain damage.
Anyway good work! Really catches the late 80s hunk in a little bit TOO tight jeans look. Just like in the movie. I Fave´d this mf.

Very Rough.

Noooo! This totally screws my Samurai Jew (manga/anime):/ I guess I'm out of business as usually... Still good idea, just needs a bit more samurai elements on it

OMG!!! dude thats pretty freakin awesome, I like samerai's and the forces and now my mind just got blown