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Reviews for "Evolution -BmK"


Wow, you have one of the best animation styles ive ever seen. You need to do more solo work. And take a little more time on you character models, but I honestly beleive that after seeing all of your work that you could end up being up there with guys like Egoraptor,SamBaKzA, and Adam Phillips. You have a knack for what kind of music goes with your concepts and you blend them together so well its almost inhuman. Just be a little more tedious and you could be great!! 9/10 simply for the fact that I know you have the potential to do so much more thatn what you have done with this and your other work. Good luck!!!


great music.... Love your style... yet again... Great Job!!!! another 10!!!

Joseph Athur, I wont forget that one

Great choice for a song. I was going to ask who does the song, but you put it in the credits :D
Movies like this do so well just for the deep feelings given from the song, with the steady and relevant movie to complete the mood.
It was great, although the animation for the girl wasnt perfect, it still was very good.


I think your shorts are the best i watched all of yours and i watched this one 8 times its the best flash movie i think theres one of yours i like better but i hope it gets on the front page.


Lovely and unique style.
Smooth animation.
You have to look through a lot of coal to find a diamond like this one.
its beautiful, sweet, sad, and calming.
I love it :)