Reviews for "Wayne State Warrior"

Excellent game!

Very good pac-man game. It was a lot of fun! The only problem I ran into was that the "Power Up" blocked my view for too long.

A most professional game!

This is by far, one of the most addicting, and most fun game on newgrounds! You did an awesome job, as it looks, you have the potential to be a great flash artist! Keep it up! Now lets disect this review!

The graphics were phenomenal, I was amazed when the opening scene came on, the characters are so well drawn out, you spent so much time on it, and this flows flawlessly! I was glad to see a quality game going through the portal, like this one today!

Style, of course, your in a league of your own, there really isnt much to put here besides the fact that this was unique, one of a kind, and amazing!

The sound, was an awesome find, I notice that it says you as the author. Well, I would like to see some more of your music, audio, in the audio portal hopefully! I will look forward to them in the near future! Keep up the awesome work, in this category!

Basically everything was amazing, you put forth quite some effort, and as it looks it has paid off! You are a new flash artist to the portal game, and I would like to be one of the first to say welcome! Great job! I will look forward to hopefully numerous more games, and maybe a look at if your any good at flash later on! Keep up the awesome work, this was a most professional, and addicting game, I will look forward to more submissions by you in the near future!

I gave you a ten out of ten on the overall reviewing, which of course, you earned, I was not generous at all. I also gave you a five out of five on the portal voting, which is what you earned! Most well done, congradulations on such the highscore and the green shading, hopefully this will receive an award!



I go to Wayne State, and imagine my surprise to find a Wayne State-themed game on Newgrounds!

I love it!
It's a really fun game, the other stuff is just a bonus.


this reminds me of pacman :D


only joking with the cackman, this is very good- a game designer who really knows what he's doing. I never liked pacman so I found this a bit dull but it's very well made all round so well done