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Reviews for "Love will be shown."

Love your love song!

Right now i'm thinking of my GF :3

I do that all the time, but this sounds so happy and peaceful.
I love love songs as long as they don't contains lyrics.

Music in itself can show emotions without any lyrics.

I favorited.

Helth responds:

thanks alot tuneit! wow wise review man! im glad i helped thinking on ur GF ;]


I see now

really good song, theres a lot going on it! i love to hear a vibro Slap after the gratto (the Zip sound) i like the Flutes! really good they sound like nexus. as for the panio i love the pan on them! good work dude.

Helth responds:

thanks man!
glad u liked it



what the hell, how do you have so many reviews already?
i mean, i do remember seeing your name on a song that you and MH16 did, but still, wow, i wish i got that many reviews, well, i guess if my music didnt suck, but ANYWAY, this should be about you.

a little short for something this awesome, but its still a decent length.
first off, the beat is fuckin awesome, i love the use of snaps, and the reverse snare, you pulled it off very well, its a little in the open for what most people do with the reverse snare, but it fits here. the kick is heavy, maybe a little too heavy, but i guess that can be argued, cause it holds the beat throughout your entire song (while, the parts when it plays) and whatever your hi-hat is, well, the tick kinda sound, not the the 1 hit one, but the one that does a triple hit at one point, i really like it, what is it?

the initial instrument is a little hokey for your song, you probably woulda wanted to layer it with another instrument, kinda sounds like you did later on.

what are those string things that are panned far right, is that just really high notes on a regular string or what?

aanyway, pretty awesome song, i like it, 10'd

Helth responds:

the panning string, is my own created string =D. the triple hit is an "low" hi hat with effects on it ;].

im glad u liked it man!


Posible Singer...?




Helth responds:

haha thanks man! ill take a look =D


Man I wish someone sang to this XD

It's perfect =D

If you had someone singing in the background it would have been great =]

But other than that it's still beautiful well done soldier ^_^

Helth responds:

THANKS GENERAL! lolz xD.. thanks alot! im actually working on getting one of my friends to sing =D