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Reviews for "Love will be shown."

Thanks for dropping by with the review

But honestly though, I would've felt bad if my "Pale Ice" loop placed higher than this one, I'm really liking this.
It's got a hint of various genres all in one.
Nice job and congrats
5'd 10'd fav'd


Helth responds:

wow thanks man! i think ur is great too =D


thanks ^^,

So I checked out your top 5.

This is much better than "A single kiss".
Everything just seems right, but again.. it still feels a little claustrophobic... some nice reverb effects would be good... and again, at 1:30ish.. that effect.. could last longer..
But it's all very lovely. {:

( "A single kiss" works better as a loop. ;P )

Helth responds:

thanks =]

i like it like this XD, doesnt need reverb, caus i added some other effects ;]

thanks anyway =D


Hi Helth,

Congrats on top 5. I'm surprised how you managed to get 35 votes in two days. Wow, you must be popular. :) Anyway, I don't recall listening to any of your miscellaneous stuff. Here is what I thought in a nutshell.

I think the instruments could be more "lovely". There seems to be a lot of crowdiiness to your song. I was expecting a few instruments with lots of reverb. Hmm, I blame the pad. Bit too fuzzy.

There are some nice elements to this song. Sounds a bit like a chinese folksong but with hip hop drums. Weird, but interesting.

There are 6 forms of love. I don't think the six you indicated are technically correct. But, your right, we all need love.

For only spending an hour on this song, you got pretty far on NG with it. Maybe you got a natural talent for love music. I don't even know what to say in this review. I'm not for this fuzzy love stuff. 5/5 and 9/10 review. Dumb review I know.

Bye for now

Helth responds:

thanks alot for it man! im really happy about the top 5! =D

glad u liked it.


and i just made some love things my self=]

Dang You Brought

Back some memories. I can picture a girl waiting at a subway station and a guy keeps looking at her from behind a ad sign. She waves and he stands up and blushes, and waves back and trips. She goes to help him up and they both fall and smile at each other. They get up and walk away holding hands. Wow... I can't usually picture stuff like that... but today I did...
11/10. I wish.

Helth responds:

thanks alot man! im glad i brought back memories =]



thhe intro isn't bad, not the best either, but i cant dock you for that cause thats ussually the harder part.
the over all beat isn't bad either. the instruments are great but a little to over welming, but again i like the piano.
unfortunately i can only give you a 4/5 and an 8/10.
however i can see the work that you put in to it song good job and keep it up bro

Helth responds:

it took 1 hour =D, well thanks for the review again!