Reviews for "NG TT Series Finale -A"

Great... great animations...

I saw a lot of tweeking but overall the frame-by-frame was impressive. what the hell was with -Sqeezy- tho? lol... the animations were good but the music chosen was terrible for this kind of project. You picked a good song, upbeat techno... with no emotion.... give the artists something to work with next time.

-regards :p


Best work i've ever seen! Keep up the good work all of you!

super duper ; )

best to worst (alhtouhg non of them were actually bad)

3)Luis (props for Pico)

Superb accomplishments.

I could do in this reviewis catorgize it by authors but I dont feel like it. No need for suggesting improvements by any of these authores. I personally ponder that luis's work wasnt that bad just dont compare it to his best work and maybe you viewers can enjoy it more. The part -sqeezy and weridos I like is right when the music temp increase the blod and gore occurred. CS 4.21



I was most intrigued by the works of Afro Ninja and Luis in this one. I must admit, the animations were damn good fluid in those pieces. Wierdo9's was pretty much gory but freaked the heck out of me with the overdose on what you can call 'Uber Strangulation'. Nice job(s).