Reviews for "DKC2 - Brambles"

Right out of a fantasy world...

Powerful optimistic music that fully portrays a world of adventure and excitement. An outstanding piece that would work well in many different types of games. Excellent builds and descents. Truthfully, your song beats almost all the top songs for this genre. Reminded me of one of those anime MMORPGs.

deliciously 90's

I attempted this one, but you really got this down!
you captured the feel so nicely, the piano...everything.
I agree with gonaka, it's not screaming for attention, but seduces
those who pass like a cruel seductress! MUAHAHAA!!!
(ok that analogy is a bit dramatic) ^^"

Worthy of an OCRemix slot IMO.

This is a pop. choice for DKC2 fanremixers, so my feelings on this are strong. You have given this track the ambience it needs with some added chill to it. Try and rename the title to Brambles in the snow.

I love this song Oh my god

This song is 1 of the best songs in donkey kong ever, keep it up!!

love the beat