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Reviews for "Vaudeville Circus"


First off, I'm so glad you changed the name!!! YAYNESS!!!

Now for the review of the song...

I squealed sir. Squealed like a little school girl who just saw a mouse when I first hear this. Where did you get the sound of the guy walking over and turning on the old record player? I mean that is above and beyond what I even mentioned.

Dude, for real. This is seriously in consideration for knocking Into The Cold out of the "My favorite song on Newgrounds" throne. Because the imagery is so strong, which is why I hold Into The Cold in so high regard. This definitely has the same effect in a completely different way.

First off, the opening makes me wanna jump up and down giddy in glee. I LOVE IT!

As for the song, the structure is superb. Everything fits so well together in every way. The song builds and dies appropriately, and has nice crescendos throughout. And the transitions are not even noticeable. It feels like the song just rides along this track that has no transitions. Just meandering along.

I love the different sounds you got on the instruments man. Just wow. That lead around the 2:30 mark literally sounds like it is screaming. And it gave me chills, and also made me check my pants. I thought I pooped a little the first time I heard it. Yea, fucking AMAZING effect there.

When I hear this, I see a circus. Or rather an old vaudeville style movie based around a circus. It is in black and white, and you see all the visual pops, cracks, and holes in the film back when the technology wasn't that great.

There are elephants on giants balls doing a balancing act. I see a lady on a high wire in front of a crowd, but she is not smiling. She seems slightly evil. Everything in this song seems slightly evil. The animals, people, the whole circus has a dark and demented atmosphere.

There is a bearded lady jumping up on people from behind, scaring them and mocking them profusely. I feel the same atmosphere as the one created in The Nightmare Before Christmas. Although, I don't see cartoon characters, but rather real people in my head. So it creates and even darker and slightly edgier type of feeling. Because these are real people, and that always creates more tension.

This song is amazing in the imagery it creates. Just amazing.

5/5 and 10/10 overall.

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Aeris responds:

Sweet, i'm quite proud of this as well lol x3 it sure was fun making.

As for the footsteps, I recorded that from my kitchen, the record noise was off of google.

I love that screaming noise! haha yay violins!

We can do some pretty badass stuff too >3 we're not all vivaldi and beethoven x3 Guitars are way overused in modern music. In my opinion at least.

A | Ugly Betty

What a horribly sounding fantastic song!

Gravey referred me to this and I pretty much hated it at first. It's noisy and obnoxious, with too much scratch, and really in your face. But after I read the story outline from Gravey it really came through, and it's quite a song!

I don't necessarily like the style, but the story is there and it's thoroughly enjoyable to listen to.

Great job on the opening effects! And the middle section (before 2:30) was excellent!

Aeris responds:

Thanks dude :D

I'm actually not too sure why this is doing good, i get a lot votes though lol

I've got a really contemporary style, and sometimes something ugly isn't always bad.

Lol thanks for the review :D


It's great and has a teacher on ce said to me ugly is a form of art.
This is art itself

Aeris responds:

haha thanks xD
to tell you the truth, i'm listening to this again... and i'm thinking...

"how the fuck did i make this? it's so outside my style!" lol

Thanks for the listen and review :D

Love it

I got the feel of the circus too but instead for me i felt i was in the circus and it was constantly getting freakier (If thats not a word it is now)...u know like a horror movie plus bad drug trip plus clowns...

Aeris responds:

Haha well i used to have this fear of clowns... this could be why this came out.

Thanks for the review C:

I like how it begins with the quality of an old Gramophone.Very well made!
and the felling of things getting progressively more and more scarier.