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Reviews for "Vaudeville Circus"


Did you record this in a binaural studio or something? in beginning it sounds like it..

Aeris responds:

err, i converted it to stereo by putting a sample of each recording panned to the left and right. But I didn't do any binaural recordings, I don't have the knowledge on how to do that xD


I can def see clowns, playing to this music

Oh, shit, he's got a pie!!!

And this is why i am afraid of clowns.

Song still kicks ass.

Aeris responds:

Thanks a bunch :D

Love it

I got the feel of the circus too but instead for me i felt i was in the circus and it was constantly getting freakier (If thats not a word it is now)...u know like a horror movie plus bad drug trip plus clowns...

Aeris responds:

Haha well i used to have this fear of clowns... this could be why this came out.

Thanks for the review C:


It's great and has a teacher on ce said to me ugly is a form of art.
This is art itself

Aeris responds:

haha thanks xD
to tell you the truth, i'm listening to this again... and i'm thinking...

"how the fuck did i make this? it's so outside my style!" lol

Thanks for the listen and review :D