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Reviews for "Cheesey Dance Madness!"

Oh god, do i have to review this? :(

I hate what you made me to do xeon >: l Your in my debt.

Anyhow, let's get this overwith.
Let's start with the title, how it's cheesy alright.. Dance? well i suspose it is. Madness? Why certainly. You get 10 points for the right title there.

It's extremely happyness and overly colourfull display (currently have spinart ) makes it sure something special. Why would you attempt such a thing anyways? :p

THe piano sets the mood. It's fast and happy. The beat comes in and it pretty much stays the same trough out the song. You build it with a cut off synth and then let it go again to let the bass and beat do its thing. Works better with trance though :P. I love the synth at 0.43. It adds that extra 'sillyness' if you know what im saying. The melody is generic and nothing special. It doesnt stand out, what it does is that its actually catchy due to it's simplicity. Where it does stand out is in the utterly joyfull dancing around sunny care free world kind of thing. It's weird. It's nothing like anything i make. And for some reason i am aiming for this stuff.
Ugh getting off track. So the melody is catchy and all that, joyfull stuff. BUT
The beat just doesnt cut it for me. It's anoying and it makes me feel it just goes where ever it wants. Maybe try making it a 4/4 or a proper breakbeat. The hihats and snare are weak but i don't know where you are aiming for with this so..
The bass could be better. I think it's too light and not really bassy. But if you would change it then it would destroy the mood. So i'll let that one slip.
Variation is oke. You kinda do what i do, just let the beat and bass play and add random synths on top :). Works pretty well in some ways, it adds variation and it's actually easy to make. 1.19, that trumpet sound fits really good. Im still anoyed by the beat. Maybe add some more effects and fancy stuff to make it more adredeline filled music. I don't know, i geuss you could experiment with it more considering this is nothing like you usually make. I suspose i could give random tips but that would only to make it sound more cheesy and nobody would want that...
For the mixing it sounds pretty decent on my end, considering i have crapspeakers made out of sh.. well you know. And the perception of the quality of these sounds are ceverly low. How does that sound? :p. Well the kick strength is good, though has wished it would be a 4/4 or lighter for more a breakbeatish feel. The pads are nice and warm though only background. The arp steals the show obviously. The extra sounds like the trumpet are a nice add like i said before because they fit so well. But all the sounds, especially the arp, have the urge to drown the bass. But it manages to keep up well maybe because its on average, a fairly easy song. Now i don't want to offend your music nor your skills :P but its just my oppinion. It's actually short too but that can't be helped. I would suggest to make the intro longer, i actually got an idea but im not going to remix it or whatever :P. And ofcourse fix the outro a bit. It just ends. Maybe make a break somewhere, where theres a slight space of sanity and calm. You must mix and combine elements not only use cheese. But if your going this way why not make it more cheesy, detuned saws ahoy!

Bla die bla

So what number should i give this? I don't think my oppinon could be expressed in numbers but i would give it a 7,5. For the total random cheese. BUt this is not much compared to your other music so i dunno. YOu would get minus points for your musical skills :P.
Just make another one, only more cheesy. .. And faster


ps. Most useless review evah!

DjXeon responds:

Like wow, this is the longest craziest review over the most cheesieest uselessest randomest song ever :)
Congrats on that lol.

Yeah, i didnt write in the title, this was a total muck - around song. Nothing musically to be gained here, just was bored one afternoon and tried to make quite literally the happiest cheesiest crap ever :) and it turned out quite well :)

Probably never again will i make something like this!

My new stuff that im making... well its at a stand still, and like got 6-10 songs that are like about 10% done. jsut a whole load of ideas, and nothing solid is coming through :(

I need inspiration :) wheres that slow trancey cloud song you promised :)
Haha, i might send you a compilation of my 40second demo random songs sometime, ill mediafire them to you :)