Reviews for "Rouge(Trailer/soundtest)"

Ah, I see.

Yo pare! Ito pala yung sinasabi mong bagong project. I see you guys are taking time developing a story (finally). Sige! Good luck for the movie!

swordflip responds:

Ikaw! Ang wala mo naman! Suure singko yung boto mo ah! Kung hindi dudurugin namim yung "mukha" mo tol! Alam mo na binigyan ni acicon_orig si Janet ng rose at bear? Wala nang dignidad!

Cool! Protect this one!

Its a nice sprite movie, but make it 4 times longer then that. Otherwise this would get an easy 3.5/5 for an average rating. I gave it a 5/5! Protect this one!

swordflip responds:

Thanks! I was just worried about the sound cause my last movie was a disaster. Sound won't time right even if I tried to fix it 8 times it still wouldn't work. At least this one shows "so far so good".

it was ok

but im not a bi fan of this type of animation ... 3/5 good job

swordflip responds:

Ok. At least your not like the first 2 bastards who voted badly just cause it was a sprite flick.Thank you!

I see promise

Now this is something to look foward to indeed, and the plot is interesting, when did Zero turn maverick? Will he be stopped? And so forth.

Only concern is the lossy sprites, make sure you make the images lossless Gif/PNG.

swordflip responds:

I'm tryin to make my own version of the time before Zero became good. As shown in Megaman X4 Sigma beat Zero. I'm just adding parts before that particular scenario. Thanks man!


Sprites are getting old man... expecially megaman ones

- Faust

swordflip responds:

I'm not good at drawn flash movies. Hey, at least I know how to use flash. Unlike you