Reviews for "Alex Kidd"

Finally! Alex Kidd Returns!

I thought I'd never see the day an Alex Kidd spoof is on Newgrounds. I beat Janken the Great and retrived that damned Crown months ago. Recently, I drew some fanarts of Alex Kidd too. But I was like "WHAT THE HELL!" when I saw Alex Kidd in the Flash Portal. Awesome job. Make an Enchanted Castle sequel if you wish. It would also be cool to see an Alex Kidd VS. Sonic, when Alex Kidd gets his revenge for taking his spotlight as SEGA's mascot.


When I was 6 I hired this game 6 times, Lol


ah, that takes me back to the good ol days. 10/10

Alex the Kidd is God!!

Make more please.

very good job

awesome as dude when i was young as i had this game and many other sega games they ruled!!