Reviews for "Alex Kidd"

This feels good!

That ruled Shaun, the score's not high enough! >(

Blordow responds:

I know :(

Oh well, at least some people got a kick out of it :)

Thanks Darren!

Frekin HIlarious!

Man that was funny as hell! "10 hours later". LOL. The manner in which this flash was presented and carried out was entirely faithful to the 8-bit legacy of gaming. Well done.

I'm a bit stuck like...

When the movie loads where in God's name are ye meant to click like!?!?!?!

Because all I can see is 'click here dumbass'?

But I am not a DUMBASS so where are the ultra intelligent people are meant to click???? EH????????

But considering I have not seen the movie due to this scandolous predictament, i will have to vote 5 because I looked upto Alex Kidd as a hero and as a sex symbol when I was a mere 7 year old. I also voted 5 because this movie no doubt contains some kind really nostalgic retro music, which I really love in a non sexual way...

Anyway, great movie considering I have not seen it due to your amateur flash ways like.................................

P.S: Thank god reviews can not be BLAMonated (sp?) because this one will not survive the ICE age like....Or can they???? O_O I am relativity new to this site like......So I don't know? Hmmmmmm....Answers on a postcard. Cheers! Thank you! Good bye!


the music makes it funny as shit

good o'll days

I remember Wasting Hours playing alex kidd and the enchanted castle My mum allways grounded me LOL funny.