Reviews for "Alex Kidd"

Ah, the memories...

It's been almost 7 years since I last played Alex Kidd on my Sega Genesis Emulator. And I still remember using the pendant on that final boss and seeing him change his mind just about every other frame... Ouch...
Anyways, on the topic of your flash, I loved the suprise ending. The sprites were really good, too. Great job!


ah, that takes me back to the good ol days. 10/10


i used to play that when i was 4...not that version.the one at megadrive.i got to that mountain level where those invicible old guys are....then big brother played it troughly.

lol... i remember this...

It was built into my sega master system... i think it was the second console i ever owned... after nintendo.
I used to think they designed the game for me, as my name is alex and it didnt require the cartridge... but that was ages ago

(tell u a secret... my master system still works :P)

Cool movie.. nothin quite like robbing stores ;)

My favorite pixel graphic game ever :D

I am also working on another Alex Kidd movie and i had this game and i also know another cool game the newzealand story anyway i love Alex Kidd and hope you are working on more :D good job.