Reviews for "Alex Kidd"

Holy shit!

I haven't seen this game in YEARS!
This was like the first video game I ever played, wow thanks so much for bringing back the awesome memories!
You recreated the games atmosphere so well, along with the humour and improved visuals im glad you kept it as close to the original as possible!
Full stars!

Quite original.

That was pretty good and i never seen the game Alex Kidd but from this flash it looks like a pretty cool game and as for this flash it was solid and made really well.

you killed my brother fag.

i'm almost pissing in laugh. ja.jajaja.

good o'll days

I remember Wasting Hours playing alex kidd and the enchanted castle My mum allways grounded me LOL funny.

Sega Master System

Those were the good ol days i still have my sega MS with this game Alex kidd and Phyco Fox (my favorite) this was a good flash and no he is not a monkey he is a prince if i remember correctly the game was fun but annoying the bosses paper head rock head and scissor head u had to beat playing jankins aka rock paper scissors lol. ah memories ^_^