Reviews for "Alex Kidd"

Wow Brings Back Nothing, lol never played it. GJ!

hehe Never though you would get frontpage dude! Congrats, you did a great job with an original idea! Mario Flash movies do kinda get old hehe. I was happy to rip the sounds for you! :)


this was the first game I ever played... brings back alot of memories :)


Shopkeeper beats brat :D


I'm not a big fan of sprites, but this one I like, because it's actually original...there are far too many Mario or Sonic or Megaman ones...I have never seen an Alex Kidd one before though...boy, that takes me back a few years...I actually still have my Master System...somewhere... Anyway, that was great, original, funny...I think I've rambled enough now...

that was pretty funny

i enjoyed it a lot real funny.