Reviews for "Alex Kidd"

I loved it

This is probably one of my favourites! very well done

That was pretty good? Any more?

Smooth animation and realistic sprites give this a pefect ten.

The first Alex Kidd flash on Newgrounds (I think). Very original.

Authentic sounds add the to the realism in it.

Not loads of violence but loads of violence won't fit into this sprite.

This aint a game but the playand pause button give it a bit of interactivity.

It is quite funny and well planned.

Smooth animation, realistic sprites, realistic sounds and a slight bit of interactivity gives you the full deserved 9.

Any chances of doing one based on the other Alex Kidd's such as the one in the castle (High Tech world I think) and the Alex Kidd one the Sega Mega Drive (Known as Sega Genesis for people of USA).

Blordow responds:

Hehe, thanks for the long review :D

Yeah, I'm definately considering making another parody for Alex's other games :)

It was ok.

It was ok, but I dunno how or why these spoofs are making it on the front page, I have seen better flashes that have been drawn frame by frame and have taken alot of effort and time put into them (not saying this did'nt) But I never saw those go on the front page.. heh oh well, I think the owner of Ng has just gone nutts.


dUDE this was my favorite game when i was a kid OMG i can't believe i seen this after 13 years.... u sure put a smile on my face lol

great job

Blordow responds:

I'm glad you're happy :)

If I had only played the game

Perhaps I would've enjoyed the movie more if i knew the game.. as it stands, if the text screens were in fact that slow... it sounds like a bad game.
Good sprite use and all of course.