Reviews for "Alex Kidd"

A couple of amusing jokes.

The piss-take of the rps sub-game was very much warranted and I enjoyed the somewhat unexpected ending.

The 2 motorcycle jokes were nice and the only part that I thought should have been excluded was the slow text that came on-screen at the same annoying pace as the original game.

Fair enough. Have it come on in the same style. That's a nice touch. But maybe speed up the process a bit. Maybe even have it so that we can click on-screen to advance, but if we don't it fades away after a few seconds as it currently does. That way, impatient folk like myself could just see the jokes faster.

They do come at a decent pace as it is though.

Music and everything was top-notch and I also liked the credits.

Good work, if only because you've used a game I haven't seen parodied before.

Pretty good

Creative... It's defenitely a new idea... good job.

funny :D



brought back so many memorys! thank you! i remmber playing this when i was only a wee little kid.

Someone remembers...

After all those cookie-cutter Mario parodies, someone had the creative genius to make a Flash short featuring Sega's forgotten hero, Alex Kidd.

Very funny & well made, this short was worth watching. Great job!