Reviews for "Alex Kidd"

Good memories :)

This was an awsome flash. Definetly one of the better prite movies I've ever seen on newgrounds, especially considering it was all 8-bit.
The comdey in this was amusing also, I'd like to see more of these made from you. A remember of the old days is always good in my books :D

That brought me back ^_^

Now that was a game that took me back to my MegaDrive days (or Master System) where I could simply turn it on and there was a game! It blew my young mind away. The style was perfect in helping people relive their Alex the Kidd days, had the right amount of humor, and was just a well executed movie! Great work- I'm looking forward to your next work.


i dont review much but this was amazing man.
you had everything and it felt so fresh.

had an in game feel and it was a nice change to mario

brilliant work

Even though I never heard of this game I still ...

thought it was awsome. Actully I've never heard of Bionic Comano either. Well this rocks and so does all your flashes.

It was great I haven't seen that game in ages^^

I remember that game from back in the day. My cousin and I used to play that game all the time.