Reviews for "2012 Flash for 2013"

What a great compilation of characters! What an honor it must be to have one of your characters featured in this bunch! I would love a 300dpi of this :)

I can Hardly Name any o Dem, but If someone can, Then by all means, post up the list!

Wow this is awesome! This reminds me that I should spend more time on newgrounds :P. The only faces I know are:
Cubeboy, that getto guy from Luckiest Day or something like that, that worm (forgot the games name), Pico, Shrike (I'm a big Zeurel fan :3), that guy who f*cks ever sexy chick on the universe :P, Hank, Miami/Sydney Shark, Strawberry Clock thing, that mad face, and the guy who is on the left low corner.
Like I said, I should spend some more time on NG.

wow thats alot of faces

In the bottom left corner, I see lazy pillow and what I think is Jaxxy a little over to the right. Three spaces from the right is that KONY 2012 nerd. On the top, I recognize the two yellow things, but I don't know their names. And then there's the strawberry clock and Hank from Madness.

My one question is: What's that red-haired thing two spaces from the left on the third column?