Reviews for "2012 Flash for 2013"

Reemus, Burrito Bison, Cuboy, ???, TacoMan, Emoticon?, ???, ???
African Dudes, ???, Pico?, ???, Know it don't know the name :(, Pico, ???, ???
???, ???, ???, ???, Cop Dog, ???, ???, ???
???, ???, ???, ???, Jerry, Hank, ???, ???
???, ???, Some Character by SexualLobster, ???, Weisi Shark, Strawberry Clock, ???, ???
???, ???, ???, Gummy Bear thing from B.B.?, ???, ???, ???, ???
Toons These Days, AngryFaic, ???, High5Toons Guy, Messed Up Bible Stories, The Gaurdian, ???, ???
???, ???, ???, ???, ???, OneyG's Geek Character, Edd Gould, ???

Nice art, but I had a lot of ???.

Solved: 19
Unsure on: 3
???: 43

Ps. If you think about it #60's goatee looks like vampire fangs

burrito bison and cuboy hmmmmmmmmmmm my life has been saved

This is a great drawing. I was pretty ashamed of myself that I did not know most of these characters from the game! I'm fairly certain you have all the ones form the game. I am of course not able to name them all. One of my favorites is Taco-Man. I think it's adorable how you make him circular shaped for this.

I'm surprised none of the characters from Retarded Animal Babies or Neurotically Yours are here. A Klay person might have worked too. I guess those are just the characters I am more familiar with here. Oh yeah, they were all front paged in 2012. Maybe I should have remembered them.

hurdy hur hur.. oweeesome!

pretty cool only i dont see any egoraptor. the only reason im mentioning this is because he's pretty big on newgrounds and thats what this pic represents. popular ng characters. so missing out on egoraptor is kinda odd.