Reviews for "2012 Flash for 2013"

This is a great calendar entry. I love how you managed to make so many character designs fit in this round icon motif. really good job!

Just to make sure. Is that ace Pilot #4 on the third row? :"3

LiLg responds:

Thanks. You got it! Great game.

Huh.... I can see Madness Combat hank, Angry Faic, Edd Gould, And I think Matt, Pico, Strawberry Clock, and some others I can't place. Lol can I get half a doll? :P Great Calendar entry

Wow ... so many memories lol. Fun, touching, and excellently executed.

This picture are like a NG Faces 2012.Very Good.

Hmmmm... i can guess a few of these, but is that the sandworm from Wonders of the Universe in the second row? I can't think of any other sandworms that have been tunneling around NG in the last year x_x